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Market prospects for solar powered lighting

India is bestowed with the second largest population count, along with being the fifth largest receiver of solar rays, with almost 300 sunny days around the year, on an average. With almost 70% of India living in the rural setup, it becomes all the more difficult for the authorities to provide sustainable overall development to all. However, the advent of solar energy has given a ray of hope to all those who are neither endowed to the luxury of 24x7 electricity, nor can they afford it. Solar powered torches, rooftop cells and other charging devices have acted as a blessing for people in rurals, who had to restrict themselves to their homes after sundown.

According to a research, India shall be leading producer of solar energy by the year 2024, with a capacity of producing 479GW of SP and a 50% rise in demand for Solar powered devices. A major reason behind such statistics is the continuously rising focus on sustainable development and cooperative living,in harmony with nature.
Globeam, being specially inclined towards contributing its share in the process of uplifting the rurals, has carefully designed special Solar powered torches and lamps. These products are aimed to be consumed by the target rural consumer base and empower them with the ability to work at night, guard their fields and walk without any fright in the dark.

This industry, that manufactures solar powered gadgets, is now running on its full bloom and with the aid being received from the government, it is going to soar high in the coming decade. A rapid increase in the manufacturing plants, along with the demand also speaks of similar interests. All of us are looking for alternatives that do not cost much on our pockets and also do not deplete the earth further, because we humans are at the brink of killing almost all the resources that we have been provided. Solar Power comes to our rescue!
Being a renewable source of energy, Solar energy is mankind’s future!

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