LED Torch

Solar lights the future of rural and urban India

Though, talking about rural India, makes the scenarios a bit more complicated. According to a well-known fact, almost 70% of India is still rural, with minimal urban concepts and facilities. However, a lesser-known fact states that 55% of the Indian population in the villages and small towns, still find electricity as a far-sighted luxury to them. It is in such cases that solar lighting comes as a savior in disguise!

With the authorities placing a major focus on solar lights as the solution, there are ample pieces of evidence that point out to the bigger picture - the picture of Solar lights, being the FUTURE! Here, we shall list some of the advantages that Solar lights and torches, provide to the rural-

  • The pocket-friendliness– The rural areas, as evident, do not enjoy high-income earners on a majority. This leaves them with minimal choices for their standard of living and the products they utilize. Solar lights, being inexpensive and durable, thus become every person’s first choice.
  • Effectiveness of Solar Lights– The light given out by solar lamps and torches, is 50% brighter than the regular battery torches, thus, making them effective for every person’s use. The women and the farmers are mostly restricted to their houses after the sunset, due to multiple fears of attacks by humans and animals alike. This poses a major hindrance in their path. With solar torches and lamps by their side, they need not fear the dark streets and Dark fields with vicious animals.
  • The ease of availability- The first and the foremost power source required for charging any solar battery is Sunlight. Such abundant and free-of-cost resource, when converted into powerful lights at nights, frames the future of lighting, thus making it possible for all, to get their rightful share of night light!

A keen and in-depth understanding of ground markets has shaped the Globeam products, in a way that it not only becomes an asset for the rural, but also all the people living in the urban cities. Solar Torches prove to be a bright weapon to combat the dark and make your way home, safely. Moreover, the fact that it can be used by all, be it women, elders, or children, all the way brings it into the circle of the best products made, for the people and by the people.

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