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Why is the world moving towards solar energy?

Humankind, at large, has depleted the earth’s resources from the beginning of time. Being fully dependent upon nature for our survival, we however forgot to mark the line between borrowing the resources from the earth and exploiting them! The present conditions mark a time where we long crossed that line and now stand on the brink of extinction of the earth, along with all of us!

However, with all the slow wrath that is brought upon by the technological advancements, it has also brought about some serious positive news for all and the Advent of gadgets harnessing solar power into useful and sustainable forms of energy, are the best example. With a major chunk of population still living in the rural India, Globeam, an an enterprise dedicated towards making the rural lives easier, has developed super-powerful solar-powered torches and lamps, that do not take much maintenance, cost almost zero to the pocket and provide huge amount of light in times of pitch dark nights in the fields, on the roads and every other place.

But why Solar energy? This thought might have crossed your mind a hundred times. So, here we mention the importance and major advantages of solar powered torches and other gadgets, that become all the more, reasons to switch to solar energy.

  • A source that will never perish– Sunlight is a power source that is not likely to perish in the coming 60,000 years!. Thus making it safe for all of us to harness it without harming the environment or depleting other limited resources.
  • It’s free!- The sun has provided us with abundant solar energy and using that, we plan on saving hugely on our electricity bill and even a chance to earn money by exporting surplus energy generated to the grid!
  • Low maintenance- Almost all the solar devices are the ones that do not need much care. You are just required to carefully install them and let the magic work on its own!
  • Available to all- aimed mainly at the rural sector, solar energy has been  a blessing to the villagers. With Globeam torches, they are now able to guard themselves and their fields at night, walk freely on the streets in the dark and not halt their lives after sundown. All at the most affordable costs!

All of the above reasons, combined with many more, account for the ever-increasing use of solar energy And how it is the future of lighting!

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